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Cannabis Use As Revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Alien Message To Man
Make The Medincine
Healing Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil Cured My Cancer

his own hemp oil and

cured himself of cancer.

Phoenix Tears is

providing information

about Hemp Medicines.

Cannabis Oil Heals Diabetes

Fluconazole Dose Children

Cannabis was used

as the prime medicine

for more than 100

separate illnesses

or diseases in our

U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

Oil Heals Diabetes

Hempz Hair Care

Hempz A Higher state

of Hair Care with Pure

Herbal Extract for Body,

Hair, and Sun Care.It's

what your Hair has been

craving for.

The Hemp Report

A subscription-based

Lets go Green and

Let Hemp and Save

Our Planet.

Hemp Created Our Past

It is a fact that Betsy Ross

made our first flag Old

Glory from Hemp fiber.

Also, our Constitution

and Declaration of

Independence were

printed on Hemp paper.

Chris Conrad


The Mayan travel to

this island every 5200

years when the planet

earth becomes dark

for period of 50 to 70

hours. So we won't see

the sun. Why ?

Because the science of

the Mayan astronomers

learned that the earth

was going around the

sun. Soon we will enter

the central magnetic

axis and there we will

find the great axis above

the planet earth that

makes all the stars and

planets move. And so

while the earth passes

through that axis we

cannot see the rays

of the sun like we are

inside a solar eclipse

with Nibiru planet x

in between us .Once

the earth re-emerges

from the axis or eclipse

we hope to still have a

sun and survive the

magnetic force apon us.

Planet X, 2012


Man Control's The Truth or The Lie

Alien Technology has

flown to earth for the

last 450,000 years.

Man has used Alien

Technology for the past

70 years to build his

World of technology.

We the people from

Gods Angels above get

jailed for a lie. If we could

only jail the Government

with their Lies we would

be equal.The truth is here.

Area 51 UFO'S

Humans and Alien's

J-Rod ( Grey Alien )

War and Lies


Mars Truth

Mars Underground City

Mars Black Holes

Moon Angel 200,000 Old

Our 10TH Planet


UFO Crash Footage

UFOs Swarms Cities

Stargate UFO Wormhole

Annunaki: Our Creators


Giant People of Earth

Alien Human Hybrid

Hybrid Don Ray Walton

Alien Pictures

World Destruction


Members: 2
News: 46
WebLinks: 12
Visitors: 77097
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Fluconazole Dose Children

Fluconazole dose children

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fluconazole dosing for onychomycosis

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